Under Construction

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by while I am building up my site.

In the spirit of complete transparency, I should let you know that I originally launched Madman Dreams Book One: Reanimated and Book Two: Revenge in 2012. The launch happened about the same time I got laid off from my job. Bummer, right?

I would love to tell you that after getting laid off, the book sales soared, and I grinned happily ever after. Not so much. (It would’ve made a great story, but sometimes reality is harsher than fiction.)

I got distracted from the books (I think they rank around two million something), and my confidence in my writing dropped. But I didn’t give up, not completely. I kept writing down my ideas, developing the characters, plot and plot twists for Madman Dreams Book Three: Rescue, which should launch next month. Stay tuned.

I believe that with the help of new readers like you, and a growing fan base, Book One and Two will rise up like a phoenix from the ashes.

Just a quick additional word or two about myself…

My interactive murder mysteries, co-produced with writer Peggy Kehoe, amused and entertained guests at the Gibson Inn in Apalachicola, Florida, and other cities for many years. One of my favorites was a science fiction-themed Halloween mystery, which paid homage to many of my favorite authors like Robert Heinlein, Stephen King, H.G. Wells, and Ray Bradbury.

My wife and I live in Tampa. With ten grown children—mine, hers, and ours, plus a dog and a cat as the cherries on top, I still appear to be sane. But appearances can be deceiving. I admit I love fast-paced, character-driven stories.

With my YA science fiction action adventure series, Madman Dreams, I look forward to entertaining my readers in the same way I was entertained by reading Ender’s Game and Across the Universe.

Couple of housekeeping items: Madman Dreams Book One: Reanimated can be found on KINDLE  now. It can be yours for only .99 through October 24th. Madman Dreams Book Two: Revenge is ON KINDLE NOW for only $2.99. Learn more here.